Communications Cart+

This is a tool to connect your association with its members. Being a tool, it is only limited by your imagination. Other obvious uses are for training, meeting slides, entertainment, group brainstorming, Netflix, YouTube, etc. And its mobile, so you can use where it’s needed.

Plug it in, turn it on, and go…

Full Access

No matter where in the world you are you can attend or host a meeting. All you need is internet and a computer.


For the technology challenged all you need is a phone, any phone, if you can dial and phone number and put in a pin you’re in (audio only). If you have a smart phone load the app and put in the pin and you get audio and video.


When joining a meeting you are an Attendee, as an attendee you can watch and listen (with permission type questions and comments). Board members are elevated to Panelist status by the moderator. As a panelist they can talk and be seen.


Meetings can be recorded and saved for later review. These can be made available to those who could not attend directly or on-line, or just for taking minutes.


The system is on a wheeled cart so it can be used anywhere a large monitor and computer is needed. Training, movie night, presentations…


  • Communications Cart
  • Fan-less computer and audio
  • Remote control Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera
  • Samsung 65 inch Monitor/ TV
  • Sound bar with remote
  • Conference microphone
  • Switch boxes to allow easy connection to room audio systems
  • Training (1 hour)
  • Professionally assembled and tested

* The audio system is designed for your small to medium meeting rooms. For larger rooms and bigger meetings we will need to hook to your audio system or we can design one for your needs.

** To use as a conference room system it requires a conference room internet service. We recommend Zoom, as part of the training we will help you setup your own account. The cost is about $50/ month. A credit card is required.